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For those who cook on the barbecue as much as possible in summer to avoid heating up the home, Qbag certainly extends the culinary options!

Still with the summer barbecue theme, here is a way to keep an eye on your fish or vegetables while tending to the steaks and sausages.

The new, award-winning Qbag brings sealed-pouch baking (known as en papillote) to the barbecue, and is also a more sturdy option for the oven. This form of cooking retains moisture to lock in food flavours for a succulent result. Healthy and convenient, it is also dramatically reduces cleanup, which is a bonus particularly on the barbie.

Vegetarian foods can be cooked next to meat-eater marvels, without fear of cross-contamination; it is also useful for pre-preparing and storing foods in the fridge or freezer before cooking, or for taking food to a picnic to barbecue on-site.

Qbag is made from heavy duty, flame-resistant aluminium foil and has a self-ventilating, peel-back clear window to allow a check during cooking or to add ingredients.

To use: simply place ingredients into the Qbag, including any herbs, spices, wine or stock. Then fold the open end of the bag twice and seal it by pressing down. Place Qbag on the barbecue (or oven) with the window facing upwards. The bag will expand during cooking and self-ventilate steam around the window area.

To stir or add ingredients, carefully peel back the window (note that once opened, the window is not resealable). Or, for a steamed, succulent result, leave the window in place. If a grilled or roasted result is required, peel the window film off after the bag has expanded.

Qbag has attracted the Silver Dupont – Technical Innovation award and the Sirha Consumer Convenience Award.

It is available in packs of three, in Medium and Large from Bunnings and Woolworths.

Food and Travel Magazine, Australia, 2014

Source: Food and Travel Magazine, Australia

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