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Feb 2017. "These bags were a hit at cookouts and holiday meals. you can marinate the food in the bag overnight and place in the oven or on the grill. excellent!"

Feb 2017. "Just received these foil pouches two days ago and immediately made a Tilapia and vegetable dinner with them. Everything was perfectly fine and very tasteful."

May 2017. "Great item. Love the window! I bought these for my daughter. She is learning to cook and her roast turned out super tender. Clean up was a whiz."

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LTD Commodities Heavy Duty Foil Windowed Cooking Bags
Medium Size 10 Pack
Assorted 8 Pack (3 Small & 5 Large)
Potatoes Cooking on the Grill

Subscribers to leading mail order catalog company, LTD Commodities LLC in the United States can enhance the entire cooking experience in the oven or out on the grill with Heavy-Duty Foil Windowed Cooking Bags. Great for steamed fish or vegetables, ribs or any marinated meat--all you have to do is place your food inside and fold over the end to seal it up. Keep an eye on the food through the clear window on top. Window peels back for easy stirring or seasoning. Convenient cooking packet contains messes.

The 8-Pk. Assorted gives you different bag sizes for individual servings or family dinners. The 10-Pk. Medium (11-3/4" x 8-1/4", each) prepares food for about 1-2 people.

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