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Pouch Lights the Way - Qbag, an aluminium foil pouch with an easy peel and self-venting polyester window suitable for both the oven and the barbecue, from FFP Packaging Solutions, is helping food manufacturers extend their reach in to the home barbecue market.

EAFA infoil Newsletter 2006

The product is visible to the chef during cooking and the pack expands to provide a 'chamber' that self-vents to allow pressure and steam to escape safely. The easy-peel polyester window allows good product visibility, while tailored oxygen permeability supports extended shelf life for products. The window may be peeled off during cooking so the cook can stir the product or if peeled off after cooking it will create a serving dish. Marks & Spencer is using the concept, which won a Gold Star in last year's Starpack Awards, for their 'Pockets' range.

infoil newsletter by the European Aluminium Foil Association, Summer, 2006


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