Sell More Fish without a Hitch!

SeafoodSource recently reported that the smell of fish is still a major barrier for people purchasing fish to prepare, cook and enjoy at home.

Odours can indeed linger everywhere - in hair, clothes, the kitchen and sometimes spread to other rooms of the house. This certainly stops people from buying fresh fish, regardless of how much they like the taste of it and recognise its awesome health benefits.

Watch our video below to see how Qbag can help Food Retailers' customers avoid any hands-on preparation with fish and banish unwanted odours by preparing a range of Ready-to-Cook meal and portion options inside Qbag Alu Foil Cooking Bags in-stores.

  • Why not pre-pair fish fillets with a complementary herby pat of butter in Qbag, taking the guessing game out of what-goes-best-with-what for shoppers?

For example, a delicately flavoured herb like Fennel is ideal with Sea Bass. Simply layer some fennel on the bottom of a foil packet like Qbag, before placing the fish on top. Seal and cook. The flavour of both ingredients infuse in a delicious way. Check out our Sea Bass with Fennel recipe to try it yourself!

Qbag keeps all moisture, flavour and any odours locked inside the thick, aluminium foil packet. When it comes time to cook, all the natural juices and flavours from the fish infuse with the warmed butter and herbs/spices in the bag for a really juicy, succulent result.

The unique self-venting EasyView window on top means you can see the fish inside and check on it during cooking without losing any aromas. Remove the window altogether for a browned, crisper finish.

Have Qbag Alu Foil Cooking Bags ready to sell at Fresh Fish Counters in stores

Shoppers no longer need to touch or smell the fish at any stage of the process yet still enjoy the full flavour of fish on a regular basis. Not to mention... no washing up! Qbag is completely recyclable / disposable.

  • Or, minimise handling behind the counter by selling Qbags as a retail-ready consumer pack (pictured) for people to use at home as they choose.

If you are interested in hearing more about how Qbag can help you or your customers sell more fresh fish - particularly in the summer when everyone goes outside to cook - then please Contact Us today for more information.

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