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A British invention from 2001, Qbag is an established packaging format for food convenience.

The original, innovative design continues to offer many benefits to food companies and end users alike, thanks to its distinguished features and premium quality. Whether you are a food company with a new customer brief for cook-in bags, you are a distributor looking for the latest 'convenience factor' or are simply after something new for your company to differentiate from your competitors, we work with pioneering businesses worldwide to:

  • Expand product portfolios with revolutionary innovation and convenience
  • Extend the selling season of fresh/frozen food and ready meals
  • Protect and increase market share
  • Be first to market in their region

  • Food Retailers

    Food Retailers

    • Super strong, leak-proof aluminium foil bags suitable for meat, fish, seafood, vegetables & desserts
    • Ready to retail from Counter-to-Kitchen! Shoppers can see that food is fresh through the transparent window on top.
    • Freshly prepared food ready to cook for Grocery Supermarkets and Home Delivery Food Box Companies.

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  • Retailers & Distributors

    Retailers & Distributors

    Manufacturing at our own, dedicated BRC Packaging accredited facility means we can supply Qbags in a number of packaging formats to suit your requirements. For retailers and distributors, choose from our house brand retail-ready consumer packaging or a customised Private Label solution uniquely for your own brand.

    Our distributors are active in a number of retail categories such as Kitchen/ BBQ/ Camping/ Outdoor/ Picnic/ Sports/ DIY & Hardware etc. and understand that we cannot give exclusivity on a regional basis.
  • Food Production Companies

    Food Production Companies

    Our customers in the food manufacturing and processing industries lead their customers outside by offering prepared meals Ready-to-Cook from fresh or frozen for oven, pan and barbecue applications.

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  • Professional Food Service (HoReCa)

    Professional Food Service (HoReCa)

    • Prepare meals in the bag in advance and see what's inside through the transparent window on top.
    • Ideal for busy ovens & kitchens - separate meat from fish without any cross-contamination OR clean up between rounds.

Innovation . Quality . Service

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

We offer Private Label branding for retail-ready consumer packaging and Contract Manufacturing for major brand owners (MOQs apply)
Quality Management

Quality Management

We have rigorous QA procedures in place, along with full traceability on all our products under our BRC Packaging factory accreditation. Documentation available upon request.
Sales Data

Sales Data

Qbag is sold internationally with new listings every year. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on our 'off-the-shelf' SKUs and sales data for store trials.
Product Customisation

Product Customisation

We manufacture and supply our innovative products with a range of features, sizes and packaging formats from our own, dedicated manufacturing facility and trusted supply network.
Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide. Choose from FCA (Factory) Collect, CIP or DAP shipping terms. All shipping paperwork is supplied and tariff codes recommended for customs at destination.


We adapt our own brand packaging for local markets with our translation and typsesetting partner.

Request Samples Today

We consider every enquiry to be unique depending on your business model, position in the supply chain, target market and geographical location (for any shipping/delivery requirements). Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request samples and more information.

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B&Q (UK)
Bar-Be-Quick (UK)
Biedronka (Poland)
Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse (Australia)
HP Schou
HP Schou (Denmark)
IGA (Australia)
Jan Niezbedny
Jan Niezbedny (Poland)
Lenard's Chicken
Lenard's Chicken (Australia)
Marks & Spencer (UK)
Mitre10 NZ
Mitre 10 (NZ)
Paclan (Poland)
Sainsbury's (UK)
SeaPak Shrimp (USA)
Silvex (Portugal)
Tesco (UK)
Waitrose (UK)
Woolworths (Australia)

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